The Fund will support scientific research that satisfies the following:

  • Grants must be for activities in the fields of natural or applied science for the extension of knowledge, including the practical application of such knowledge;
  • Projects must be for national benefit and must assist Australian industry, further the interests of the Australian community or contribute to the achievement of Australian national objectives;
  • Projects must align with the Fund’s Strategic Objectives; and
  • Projects may include research for Special purpose areas.

Strategic Objectives

The Fund will make strategic investments in scientific research that addresses issues of national priority for Australia.

The Fund will invest in science that contributes to Australia’s sustainable future such as:

  1. fundamental research into new paradigms for sustainable resource use, environmental protection and community health.
  2. tactical research to fast-track solutions to national challenges
  3. collaborative research that brings together organisations capable of working together on solutions to national challenges
  4. scholarships that create and sustain young researchers capable of addressing national challenges

Recognising that science has been, and will be, a key driver of the economic, industrial, environmental, and cultural development of Australia, the Fund will invest in research that will contribute to the sustainable growth of Australia.

SIEF's Purpose

SIEF Primary Purpose means that grants must be for:

  • Activities in the fields of natural or applied science for the extension of knowledge, including the practical application of such knowledge; and
  • national benefit for the purposes of assisting Australian industry, furthering the interests of the Australian community or contributing to the achievement of Australian national objectives.

Funding will support research to be carried out by, or within, one or more single institutions and within collaborative partnerships between scientific, research and tertiary institutions, including research involving the interdisciplinary exchange of scientific knowledge and ideas.

The Fund will also be a vehicle for the contribution of co-investment, gifts and bequests to support research that meets its aims and principles. More information about donating to the fund will be made available in the near future.

SIEF Special Purpose Areas means the following areas which fall within the SIEF Primary Purpose:

  • Emerging Research comprising projects in emerging areas of research of a special or priority character;
  • Strategic Research comprising research into scientific approaches to solutions to threats, challenges or opportunities arising in or for Australia;
  • Supporting Research for established or long term research programs which aim to deliver scientific advances in areas in areas of benefit to Australia;
  • Landmark Research Infrastructure comprising the creation or development of nationally significant facilities for the conduct of research; and
  • Promotion of Science comprising the granting of scholarships and fellowships for research.