Management / Governance

The Science and Industry Endowment Act, 1926 provides that the Trustee of the Fund is CSIRO’s Chief Executive, Dr Larry Marshall.

The Trustee is supported by an Advisory Council chaired by Professor Alan Robson, recently retired Vice Chancellor of the University of Western Australia. The Council advises on research priorities.

CSIRO assists the Trustee in the administration and operation of the Fund.

CSIRO Gift Advisory Council Members

  • Prof Alan Robson (Chair)
  • Prof Margaret Sheil
  • Prof Tom Spurling
  • Dr Ezio Rizzardo
  • Mr Nigel Poole
  • Dr Peter Riddles

NSW Stem Initiative Consultative Council Members

  • Prof Brian Boyle (Chair)
  • Mr Graeme Plato
  • Ms Tish Creenaune & Ms Jacki Hayes
  • Ms Gail Fulton
  • Mr Tom McGinness
  • Ms Maile Carnegie

Expert Panel Members

The Expert Panel are engaged to provide specific peer review for projects funded by, or potentially proposed to be funded by, the Science and Industry Endowment Fund.  The Panel Members are:

  • Prof Tom Spurling
  • Prof John McKenzie
  • Dr Oliver Mayo
  • Dr Ezio Rizzardo
  • Prof Elaine Sadler
  • Dr Trevor Powell

Undergraduate Degree Panel Members

The role of the Undergraduate Degree Panel is to assist in the selection of Universities to participate in the SIEF Undergraduate Degree Program. The Panel Members are:

  • Prof Margaret Sheil (Chair)
  • Prof David Symington
  • Dr Terry Lyons