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 15 December 2011


Note from the Manager

Since the SIEF Event in August, we have launched several new Promotion of Science programs including the SIEF Honours Scholarship  program (closed 18th November 2011) and the SIEF Vacation Scholarship program (refer below). We have also been busy developing a new ‘look and feel’ for SIEF to promote the rejuvenated Fund’s focus and the recently established programs. You will notice that this newsletter looks different to previous mail outs and soon the Webpage will also be transferred into the new look and feel, as well as reconstructed so information is more easily found. Please keep an eye on our Webpage  for the exciting developments!

Warmest thoughts and best wishes for a wonderful holiday season and a very happy and safe New Year.


Dr Melissa Straffon

SIEF Manager

(03) 9545 7952 or 0408 134 581


Promotion of Science

SIEF Vacation Scholarships

The 2012 SIEF Scholarships program includes up to ten Undergraduate Vacation scholarships, with a focus in the areas of maths and numeracy in general. The aim of the SIEF Vacation Scholarships is to provide opportunities to gain industry experience for the student, and identifying strong candidates for future employment/higher degree study. 

More information will be sent in a SIEF Bulletin in January.  Please ensure you are on the Mailing List  to receive the update.

SIEF John O’Sullivan and SIEF John Stocker Postgraduate Scholarships

Applications for the 2012 John O’Sullivan and John Stocker Postgraduate Scholarships will reopen in early 2012. The program will retain the desired outcomes of encouraging return to study, promoting industry collaboration and valuing industry experience, but incorporate revised selection criteria and candidate eligibility. More information will be sent in a SIEF Bulletin in January.  Please ensure you are on the Mailing List  to receive the update.

SIEF John Stocker Postdoctoral Fellowships 2012

Earlier this year we called for applications for the second round of SIEF John Stocker Postdoctoral Scholarships.  The response was strong and the projects shown below were successful in attracting funding for 2012. The Lead organisations will shortly be recruiting suitable candidates through a competitive process. Please contact the Lead Supervisor for more information.

We expect to advertise again next year for Fellowships beginning in 2013.

Project Title

Lead organisation

Lead Supervisor


Pioneering the combinatorial method for designed plasmonic materials applied to clean energy

Macquarie University

Professor Ewa Goldys


Galaxies: Fuel and fireworks

Australian Astronomical Observatory

A/Professor Andrew Hopkins

University of Sydney, University of Western Australia, CSIRO, and The ARC Centre of Excellence for All-sky Astrophysics (CAASTRO)

Epigenetic regulation of gene expression by DNA methylation in insect models

University of Western Australia

A/Professor Boris Baer


Functioning of coral reef networks under climate change

University of Queensland

Professor Peter Mumby


Astroseismology- a key to reveal stars and their planets

University of Sydney

Professor Timothy Bedding


Next generation biomedical materials based on highly ordered colloid crystals

Swinburne University of Technology

Professor Peter Kingshott



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