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4 June 2015


Note from the Manager

Recently a paper about the History of the Science and Industry Endowment Fund, authored by Prof Tom Spurling and Susan Smith has been published in the Historical Records of Australian Science. The article is titled The Science and Industry Endowment Fund: Supporting the Development of Australian Science and provides an amazing account of the significance SIEF has played in supporting preeminent Australian scientists over its 90 year history. A great deal of time and effort has been put into researching this history by Prof Spurling and Ms Smith and it is an invaluable record of the history of SIEF. You can read the article here.


Dr Melissa Straffon

SIEF Manager


Promotion of Science


John Stocker Postdoctoral Fellowships

The Science and Industry Endowment Fund (SIEF) has funding available for up to 6 fellowships commencing in 2016. 


The process of awarding fellowships will begin with an invitation to Australian universities and Publically Funded Research Agencies (PFRA) and Research Institutes to submit proposals. Preferentially, research projects will be collaborative projects between PRFAs and universities. The proposal, which must be submitted via the University Research Office (or equivalent), will identify the eligible Candidate, the proposed project, Lead supervisor and any other collaborating partners. 


Applications close at 5pm (AEST) 31 July 2015 - Please note any internal Research Office deadlines imposed by your Organisation.


SIEF is seeking applications that include a diverse range of Early Career Researchers in order to ensure that it has the strongest field of candidates and projects from which to select.


Further information regarding the terms and conditions of the John Stocker Postdoctoral Fellowship, including eligibility and funding documentation, can be found at


Milestone Reports

The 2015 Milestone Reports for Promotion of Science have been accepted.  Our SIEF supported Fellows and Students are doing well, and we have noted lots of publications which is fantastic.


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