Undergraduate degree scholarships 

At the present time SIEF is not accepting applications for any Undergraduate Degree Scholarships. Please note that there is information on this website that is provided about the Scholarships, however this information is in relation to the 2015 Scholarships and is provided as background information. Should the Trustee decide to open applications for an Undergraduate Degree Scholarship round in the future, information will be posted on the SIEF website and a Bulletin sent to the SIEF Mailing list.

2015 Undergraduate Degree Scholarships:


The 2015 Science and Industry Endowment Fund (SIEF) Scholarships Program includes up to eight Undergraduate Degree scholarships that will be available to Science/ICT or Engineering undergraduates who are of Indigenous background or located in rural or remote locations and of low socio-economic background. Students must be undertaking a Science/ICT or Engineering degree which includes elements of mathematics, statistics or computation. Preferentially, no more than one scholarship will be awarded at each participating university in 2015.

Application and Selection Process

Applications for Undergraduate Degree Scholarships in 2015 close on 2 April 2014.

The process of awarding the SIEF Undergraduate Degree Scholarships will be a two stage process. For Stage One, SIEF will seek expressions of interest from Australian universities to participate in the Undergraduate Degree Scholarship program. For Stage Two, participating universities will have responsibility for promoting the scholarship, identifying eligible students, selecting the preferred candidate, and awarding and administering the scholarship. During the candidate selection process, Universities must ensure student eligibility criteria are met and also be mindful of gender diversity.

Proposals must be submitted by Australian Universities via their Scholarships Office (or equivalent) on the Application form.

Process and Timeline*

6 December 2013

Invitation to Universities for Stage one proposals for Undergraduate Degree Scholarships.

2 April 2014

Proposals to have been submitted by the Scholarships Office (or equivalent). Proposals must be submitted to sief@sief.org.au

June 2014

Proposals will be assessed by the SIEF Undergraduate Degree Scholarship Selection Panel.

Formal notification letters for successful and unsuccessful proposals will be provided to the applicants. Funding Agreement forwarded to each successful University.

Funding Agreement to be signed by Universities and sent to SIEF Manager for approval and execution by SIEF Trustee within 30 days of receipt of Funding letter.

July 2014

The successful Universities will be responsible for promoting the scholarship, identifying the preferred candidate, and preparing the necessary paperwork required for engagement of the successful candidate.

Approx Jan-Feb 2015

Preferred candidate identified by University and nominated to SIEF. University has appropriate documentation for awarding of scholarship in place.


Commencement of Undergraduate Degree Student.

*The dates and procedures set out in this table are indicative only and are subject to change.


Scholarships are for 3 years (Science Degree) or 4 years (Engineering Degree) and the value of the scholarship is $8,000 per annum. This will be distributed by SIEF to the University annually in advance, and by the University to the selected student in installments corresponding with the University Term Structure (subject to the University verifying the student’s continued enrolment in the relevant degree prior to paying each installment). 

Stage 1 Selection Criteria

Reporting and interaction with SIEF (essential criteria for receiving the scholarship)

  • Science/ICT/Engineering Degree(s) offered which include elements of mathematics, statistics or computation.
  • Central Office through which applications are made and Scholarships managed.
  • Ability to meet accountability and reporting requirements.

University Background (50% weighting)

  • Demonstrated commitment to advancing indigenous, remote and rural students.
  • Complementarities with existing university scholarship programs.
  • Effectiveness of existing programs to promote science to rural and indigenous students.
  • Demonstrated robust selection criteria for defining and identifying eligible students.

Mentoring Program

  • Quality of academic monitoring, mentoring and intervention programs.
  • Quality of social monitoring, mentoring and intervention programs.

Conditions of Scholarship

Successful applicants are required to sign the Funding Agreement within the specified timeframe or the Scholarship may not be funded. Successful Universities are also required to acknowledge they are participants in the SIEF Undergraduate Degree Scholarships Program and publically advertise and promote the scholarship opportunity to potential recipients.

Eligibility of students

To be eligible for consideration, the student must be:

  • of Indigenous background; or
  • based in a rural or remote location and of low socio-economic background;
  • enrolled (and remain enrolled) in a Science/ICT or Engineering degree (or another degree with significant science or engineering content) at a participating university; and
  • able to maintain a minimum pass grade for the duration of the scholarship.

The student must not be in receipt of any other substantial competitive scholarships.

It will be at the discretion of the relevant University to decide whether a student meets that University’s definitions of “indigenous”, “rural or remote” and “low socio-economic background” as defined in their application.

The Trustee’s current intention is to award the Undergraduate Degree Scholarships to Students who are Australian Citizens or Permanent Residents.