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SIEF Event 2013

On 21 August 2013, Australia's Chief Scientist, Professor Ian Chubb, honoured the 2013 recipients of the Science and Industry Endowment Fund grants to science and scientists.

The grants are designed to assist Australian industry, further the interests of the Australian community and contribute to the achievement of Australian national objectives through scientific research.

Among the four recipients of the 2013 John Stocker Postgraduate Scholarships was Ms Romina Cayumil from the University of New South Wales who is doing research in to the recycling of E-waste metals and polymers for the recovery of value-added materials in collaboration with CSIRO. This year an additional scholarship was also recognised arising from the kind donation from Dr John O’Sullivan following his 2009 award of the Prime Minister’s Prize for Science in recognition of his achievements in astronomy and wireless technologies. The John O’Sullivan Postgraduate Scholarship has been awarded to Ms Jiajia Guo for study in the area of utilisation of scare radio spectra for broadband communication.

Dr Dessislava Mladenova from the Garvan Institute of Medical Research (in collaboration with the University of Sydney) received one of six John Stocker Postdoctoral Fellowships and is working in the area of ageing of the human brain to enable us to better understand age-related neurodegeneration.

Also, Dr Ines Melendez from CSIRO (in collaboration with Curtin University of Technology and University of Kiel) will receive a fellowship for her work on metals, hydrocarbons and multicellular life and how unconventional hydrocarbon-related precious metal ores formed during the early Cambrian evolutionary explosion.

Recipients of the 2013 Undergraduate Degree Scholarships included Mr Daniel McDonald from La Trobe University who is doing a Bachelor of Civil Engineering, Ms Rebecca Shambrook from the University of Queensland who is studying a Bachelor of Science, and Mr Daniel Pedisic from the University of Adelaide who is undertaking a Bachelor of Engineering/Bachelor of Mathematics and Computer Science. These scholarships provide financial assistance to science and engineering undergraduates who are from rural, remote or indigenous backgrounds to reduce barriers to these students embarking on careers in science.

Recipients of the 2013 AwardsAustralia's Chief Scientist, the SIEF Trustee and Dr John Stocker with the Recipients. (Photo: Carl Davies)

It was also announced recently that SIEF will support the development of an Advanced Resource Characterisation Facility as part of the National Resource Sciences Precinct in Perth, with a grant of $12.4 million to a collaboration comprising University of Western Australia, Curtin University and CSIRO.

Combined with the four dimensional data integration provided by the Pawsey Centre, the Facility will provide metre-to-atomic scale analyses of mineral resources. SIEF’s investment will contribute to increased collaboration between researchers and industry and catalyse the potential for this precinct to become a resources-based research hub unmatched anywhere in the world.

Recognising the global significance of the Australian Square Kilometre Array Pathfinder (or ASKAP) telescope currently being developed at the Murchison Radio-astronomy Observatory in Western Australia, SIEF has recently announced funding to assist in its construction.
The ASKAP telescope will become the most powerful survey radio astronomy instrument on the planet. It will allow the entire visible sky to be rapidly surveyed with great resolution.
In addition to being a world-class telescope in its own right, the ASKAP will act as a key precursor to the future international Square Kilometre Array (SKA) telescope and will be incorporated into Phase 1 of the SKA project to be hosted by Australia and southern Africa.

Please visit the What has been Funded page for a full list of 2013 SIEF recipients.

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